Facials & Waxing



{A relaxing facial meant to balance mental wellness and skin health, the focus of this treatment is on gentle cleansing and exfoliation. High-quality serums and mask ingredients produce results that are immediately seen and felt.}

[60 minutes / $90]


{Dehydration, Hyper-pigmentation, and Sensitive Rosacea skin concerns are the most common skin challenges.
~Moisture Balancing-powerful hydrators and antioxidants revitalize, increase skin strength, and enhance radiance. This treatment restores the skin’s oil and moisture levels making it appear more supple and elastic
~Hyper-pigmentation- This specialty treatment is a fusion of deep exfoliation and a conditioning mask focusing on tightening, lightening, and preventing aging. Utilizing Vitamin C or Lactic Acid to help inhibit the production of melanin, this therapy effectively lightens, brightens and produces a luminous glow.
~Sensitive/Rosacea- Especially designed for ultra-sensitive skin and those that have possible issues with rosacea and/or dermatitis. This therapy soothes irritations, reduces inflammation, and restores skin strength. It will help calm and resume normal skin barrier functions resulting in a fresh, clear look.
(cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, massage, mask)}

[60 minutes / $110]


{Focused on the client's unique skin needs, this treatment boosts skin cell regeneration and overall skin health to combat several target concerns. The renewal component includes a light AHA peel to lift dull skin cells and increase cell turnover. The result is a smoother, brighter, and more toned complexion. Specialty mask and massage round out this therapy to heal the body and mind.}

[90 minutes / $125]


{Therapeutic grade oxygen is combined with 87 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to moisturize and revitalize every cell of the skin. This unique infusion facilitates rapid absorption to balance all skin care concerns of the face, neck, and chest. A restored, dewy, youthful glow is achieved.
Treatment focused with a choice of oxygen hand treatment or upper body massage}

[75 minutes / $130]

OXYGEN CUSTOM { With Oxygen microderm or chemical addition.}

[90 minutes / $165]

OXYCEUTICAL ACNE TREATMENT {A breakthrough in professional topical acne care that employs pure oxygen along with healing ingredients to calm and soothe the skin ravaged by Acne Vulgaris. Treatment focused.}

[45 minutes / $110]


{Targeted for teen acne as well as hormonally induced flare ups, this anti-blemish therapy reduces sebum production and fights impurities and inflammation to give the client calmer, clearer skin. Balancing the skin’s flora also prevents the bacteria accumulation that causes breakouts.}

[60 minutes / $95]

[75 minutes / $110] with massage


{The anti-blemish therapy fights impurities, inflammation, and reduces sebum production leaving calm, clear skin. The skin’s flora is restored by preventing the bacteria accumulation that cause breakouts. This treatment is suited for teen acne as well as hormonally induced blemishes.}

[60 minutes / $75]


{Chemical peels provide amazing results: increased elasticity, refined pores, decreased blemishes, minimized fine lines, reduced hyper pigmentation, and improved tone and texture with little down time. Our licensed estheticians will consult with you about your expectations. (treatment specific: cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, and soothing mask) 
Salicylic 30% recommended for oily, acne-prone skin.

~Glycolic 30%, 60% recommended for all skin types to improve texture, hyperpigmention, and fine lines.
Aggressively promotes skin repair and regeneration. 
~Lactic 30% recommended for all skin types but ideal for dehydrated and hyperpigmention. Beautiful ‘entry’ level peel.}

[60 minutes / $95]

Jessner 14% {The intense cocktail of chemical ingredients targets melasma, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and acne scars. }

[60 minutes / $125]


 {This manual exfoliation technique utilizes a diamond or plastic tip to effectively remove the top layers of skin to reveal a fresh, bright, and glowing complexion. A customized experience rejuvenates the body and mind.}  

[60 minutes / $110]

[75 minutes / $125] with massage

Retinol Boost


[15 minutes / $55]

Zit Zap

{Addresses ‘monster’ pimples. Quick, spot treatment kills underlying bacteria, calms inflammation and speeds healing. Helps to prevent ‘home surgery’ or picking which can cause scaring or more intense infection.}

[15 minutes / $20]


Arm Half [$30] /  Full [$45]

Back [$65]

Bikini [$55]

Brazilian [$70]

Brow Shaping [$25]

**Brow, chin, lip combo [$50] 

Chest [$40]

Chin [$15]

Chin & Lip  [$30]

Full Face [$50] 

Leg - Half [$55] / Full  [$80]

Lip [$15]

**Sideburn [$20]

Stomach [$30]

Underarm [$25]