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Facials & Waxing


Express {A shortened, deep cleansing facial is performed customized to the clients skin concerns, such as blemished skin, dehydrated skin, while promoting overall wellness and relaxation.}  [25 minutes / $50]

Express Microderm {Upgrade your express facial with diamond tip microdermabrasion. Includes face only.}  [35 minutes / $85]

Customized {A fully customizable facial experience. The esthetician will analyze the skin and go over any concerns- such as blemishes, dehydration, dullness, and overall appearance. She will then curate a combination of the best products for results while using relaxing massage techniques.}  [60 minutes / $90]

Mask Add-on [25 minutes / $25]

Microdermabrasion {Diamond tip microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation technique, gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin to reveal fresher, brighter, and smoother glowing skin. This technique is used within a fully customized facial, so clients can expect to have an upgraded experience.}  [75 minutes / $125]

Peach (Butt) {A cleanser and soothing steam is applied to the skin of the butt cheeks. Any extraction needed will be performed along with a gently exfoliating peel. Toning mask will be applied after. This service is great for all skin types- those prone to acne as well as those just looking to brighten then bum.}  [35 minutes / $75]

Dermaplaning {Dermaplaning reveals the best glow for the skin! This is a manual exfoliation technique which uses a blade to remove the fine peach fuzz of the face and dead skin. It is safe and does not regrow the hair thicker or darker, as it only removes vellus hair. This service is wonderful as a stand alone or add on to any facial. Includes and oxygen treatment.}  [30 minutes / $65]

Dermaplaning + Mask {Dermaplaning will remove the fine peach fuzz on the face along with a customized mask and oxygen facial.}  [45 minutes / $85]

Dermaplaning + Peel {Fine peach fuzz is removed from the face and a peel is applied after to reveal smooth and glowing skin. Includes an oxygen facial..}  [45 minutes / $120]

Peel  [15 minutes / $45]

Extractions {Steam plus extractions only.} [20 minutes / $30]


Vagacial {Cleanser is applied to the top of the mons and edges along with a soothing steam. Any extractions are performed. Along with a toning mask, and ingrown hair treatment if needed. Can be performed as a single service or add on to any service.} [20 minutes / $50]


Back [$60]

Between-the-buns [$15]

Bikini line [$40]

Brazilian and Vagacial [$120]

Brow [$25]

Brow tint [$20]

Brow tint and wax combo [$45]

Brow, chin, lip combo [$50] 

Buns [$30]

Cheek [$20]

Chin [$15]

Full arm [$55]

Full Brazilian [$70]

Half arm [$30]

Happy Trail [$10]

Inner thigh [$15]

Lip [$15]

Modified bikini [$55]

Modified Brazilian [$60]

Neck [$15]

Sideburn [$20]

Underarm [$25]