Facials & Waxing


Express {A shortened, deep cleansing facial is performed customized to the clients skin concerns, such as blemished skin, dehydrated skin, while promoting overall wellness and relaxation.}  [25 minutes / $50]

Express Microderm {Upgrade your express facial with diamond tip microdermabrasion. Includes face only.}  [35 minutes / $85]

Customized {A fully customizable facial experience. The esthetician will analyze the skin and go over any concerns- such as blemishes, dehydration, dullness, and overall appearance. She will then curate a combination of the best products for results while using relaxing massage techniques. Includes extractions and LED Light Therapy.}  [60 minutes / $90]

Mask Add-on [25 minutes / $25]

Microdermabrasion {Diamond tip microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation technique, gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin to reveal fresher, brighter, and smoother glowing skin. This technique is used within a fully customized facial, so clients can expect to have an upgraded experience.}  [75 minutes / $125]

Peach (Butt) {A cleanser and soothing steam is applied to the skin of the butt cheeks. Any extraction needed will be performed along with a gently exfoliating peel. Toning mask will be applied after. This service is great for all skin types- those prone to acne as well as those just looking to brighten then bum.}  [35 minutes / $75]

Peel  [15 minutes / $45]

Extractions {Steam plus extractions only.} [20 minutes / $30]


Vagacial {Cleanser is applied to the top of the mons and edges along with a soothing steam. Any extractions are performed. Along with a toning mask, and ingrown hair treatment if needed. Can be performed as a single service or add on to any service.} [20 minutes / $50]


Back [$60]

Between-the-buns [$15]

Bikini line [$40]

Brazilian and Vagacial [$120]

Brow [$25]

Brow tint [$20]

Brow tint and wax combo [$45]

Brow, chin, lip combo [$50] 

Buns [$30]

Cheek [$20]

Chin [$15]

Full arm [$55]

Full Brazilian [$70]

Half arm [$30]

Happy Trail [$10]

Inner thigh [$15]

Lip [$15]

Modified bikini [$55]

Modified Brazilian [$60]

Neck [$15]

Sideburn [$20]

Underarm [$25]

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